Is non-slip floor treatment right for you?

slippery floor, non-slip treatment

Is non-slip floor treatment right for you?

  • Are there areas that are notoriously slippery and you’re always telling people to watch their step?
  • Have there been a slip and fall accidents with minor injuries?
  • Do you have rain mats and wet floor signs even when it’s not wet?

Signs and mats increase awareness of a slippery floor but do nothing to make it less slippery and more safe. If you answered yes to any of these questions, non-slip floor treatment may be right for you.


Consider this –

  • If the area was slippery last year and nothing has been done to it, it’s still slippery
  • If there have already been slip and fall accidents, it is likely that it is only a matter of time before there is a slip and fall accident with major injuries
  • The rain mats and wet floor signs may make people aware that the area is wet and slippery, but they do nothing to make it more safe

Now this is sounding pretty bleak, but before you give in to the slippery floors and go away in despair…

You can fix your slippery floors

What if there was a solution that would:

  • Reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents because the floor is more safe
  • Impact your insurance positively (unlike a slip and fall claim)
  • Maintain the appearance of your floors

With our certified non-slip treatment, Safe Step Solutions provides a measurable increase in the safety of your floors to help combat the dangers of slippery tiles and other hard surfaces without changing the appearance.

Take the first step to safer floors today!