Bath Safety Awareness

Bath Safety Awareness

Bath Safety Awareness – For the Ones you LVE

Bath safety awareness is the key to safer bathrooms and fewer accidents

The origins of Bath Safety Month are vague but the need for it is clear.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that a quarter of million bathroom injuries occur each year and an estimated one third of those injuries occur in the bathtub or shower.

Slick bathtubs and showers can be a challenge for even the most agile adult, so imagine what happens when older adults with less agility, less balance and slower reflexes start in a slide.  They are likely to go down and down hard.  Sometimes we’re lucky and there are only frazzled nerves, however, sometimes we’re not so lucky, with the most common injuries being contusions, abrasions, fractures and sprains.

The bathroom can be merely a stop for daily hygiene or a soothing sensational retreat; in either case it should be safe.

Here are a few helpful reminders to keep you and yours safe in the bathroom:

♥ Grab bars – they come in various sizes and colors to match any décor.  Unlike the bars of old they don’t have to be eye sores.

♥ Bench or chair – there are a number sizes and styles to accommodate many needs.  Bench or chair, permanently installed or removable, consider this easy to implement tool to increase bath safety.

♥ Easy to reach essentials – is everything you need within easy reach? – No stretching, reaching, leaning or contorting to reach the towel, soap, razor, shampoo etc.  Take a quick survey and make sure everything is within easy reach.

♥ Non-slip surfaces – Have you tried mats, strips and stick-ons in the tub?  They discolor, peel, are hard to clean and the tub and shower still end up slippery.  Contact Safe Step Solutions for a clear, non-yellowing and easy to clean anti-slip solution.


Don’t let bath safety slip away – take proactive, preventative steps to make your bath safer!